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FleetStock GROUP of companies has been operating since 2006 officially. The company has taken great strides in a short time period. Our customers enjoy the wide range of high quality industrial services.

FleetStock would like to offer you

- spare parts,

- filters,

- lubricants,

- belts,

- hose clamps,

- water and fuel tanks,

- electrical connectors,

- cooling system, fuel and oil tanks’ lids for trucks,

- rivets,

- warehouse accessoires.

The warehouse inventory contains of up to 10500 different original items as assortment for ships, air compressors, excavators, tractors, graders, trucks and cars, machine tools, aggregates, generators, stationary machines, platforms, aircraft, vessels,  including internal combustion engines, hydraulics, air, oil, fuel and water systems.

FleetStock distributes production of major industrial manufacturers, such as:

Manitou ManiTech different capacity machinery from France: different types of telescopic, petrol, diesel, electric loaders;

Baldwin filters for all types of engines from a US manufacturer;

KAESER different types of air compressors for various production originating in Germany;

Fleetguard Filters - all kinds of filters for all types of engines from a US manufacturer;

Parker Hannifin Racor Filters - all kinds of filters for all types of engines from a US manufacturer;

Mann Hummel Filters - for all types of engines from a German manufacturer;

FIL Filters - for all types of engines - from Turkey;

Mobil lubricants from a French manufacturer;

Castrol lubricants from a German manufacturer;

Chempioil lubricants from EU manufacturers;

Oksello lubricants from a Turkish manufacturer;

Dayco belts from an Italian manufacturer.

Our specialists will provide you with technical advice.


Our advantage is fast service and repair works combined with the acquisition of a variety of spare parts will be of your benefit.

Our goal is not only the sales but also mutually profitable co-operation.


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