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About us


Who we are

"Fleetstock" Group of Companies has been operating since 1999 and is a promising company integrated into the national economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in various directions.

Directory and Administration

The main mission of the company's professional engineering team in the person of CEO Mr. Emin Hasanli is to constantly develop. For this, the team always participates in professional trainings held in developed countries. Our main mission is to organize the application of our innovations related to the production process in our native Azerbaijan and neighboring countries, to implement modern projects in the way of planned automation and robotization of production processes both in accordance with real demand and for the future.

Technical audits, suggestions and solutions

The services offered by the company for the food and non-food industry consist of about 250 technical solutions that will exceed the capabilities of modern systematic production in many ways. Technical solutions provided by specially trained engineers play a special role in obtaining maximum quality products with minimum costs in the production process.
"Fleetstock" Group of Companies, as a result of years of effort and initiative, is able to offer the following services to the manufacturer: conducting technical audit in various directions of the industry; controllable minimization of production costs; compressed air leak detection; analysis of equipment failure causes; service of air compressors and other equipments; establishment of a compressed air quality control mechanism; provision of air to the required standard; Establishing and protocolizing the HACCP system from beginning to end; Construction of a filtration system for various liquids and gases from 100 μ to 0.01 μ; establishment of food safety in food production facilities; service of nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen generators; Determination of "CCP" critical risk points; special filtering and protocoling of aviation fuel; air, fuel, oil and hydraulic system protocolling; inspection of electric motors of various equipment; provision of various electrical and industrial measuring devices; industrial batteries with uninterruptible power sources; provision and service of ready-made engines and generators; provision of various industrial lubricants; safe blowing of fiber optic cables to any height and distance; projects and equipment for waste water treatment; Sale and service of high-pressure water pumps up to 6000 bar; establishment of intellectual management mechanism in industry; repair and servicing of electronic parts in industrial facilities; automation and robotization of industrial objects; installation of liquid gas and methane gas equipment; analysis of risks in industrial facilities; organization of insurance of all types of risks and  etc.

Our Aim

The common goal of our team as a company is for the industry to produce quality products, to provide technologically perfect solutions to the industry, and to provide unique, individual service to manufacturers.

HR policy

HR Policy and integrated management system allow to collect the best specialists, responsible employees, true professionals in all departments and fields of the company. At the same time, the enterprise's own social development program and favorable motivation system for staffing in this field create fertile conditions for conducting regular training and improvement, maintaining interest in innovation, and promoting creative engineering initiatives.

Association with the consumer

The company's management implements the policy of establishing reliable partnership relations with its customers. The staff aims not only to fulfill the order, but also to offer after-sales service. Thus, close interaction with customers allows us to forecast demand for the near future. When contacting Fleetstock, customers can be sure of high-quality solutions to problems of any complexity.

Safety, Security and Ecology

The implementation and use of our services and offers significantly increases the safety of production processes. It is not a secret to anyone that in many industries, technological equipment is not selected properly, does not work according to the norm, the assembled sequence is wrong, it is not hermetic, flammable and explosive, toxic or corrosive liquids and gases can leak, create the danger of man-made disasters, and cause unexpected costs. or increases, causes the production result to become more expensive. The use of our services, in particular, reliably protects the environment from the entry of hazardous substances into it, and at the same time creates safe working conditions for employees of hazardous production enterprises.

Large test equipment park

Application of laboratory equipment, which is available in the balance of the company and meets modern technology, is used at all points of production processes, conducting research, calculations, and designing are carried out by our highly qualified engineers.

Processing non-standard orders

Our engineers work not only with standard sizes, but also with special orders. Here, the type and design are selected taking into account the characteristics of the equipment and its working conditions, theoretical and practical calculations are made according to the requirements and presented to the customer in the form of a report.

Minimum delivery periods

Goods, equipment, filtration system elements, devices, etc. related to requests and requirements according to market demand  in order to provide customers as soon as possible, a certain amount is kept in our stocks in Baku.

Transport Department

The company has the ability to deliver orders urgently to any point of the country. As a result of the professional planning of our driver-expeditors, the goods available in our stocks can be delivered to any point of the country within one working day.

Our export opportunities

The company's export capabilities are realized within an automated system as a result of the activity of the professional team, so that the documents for our export operation and the handover process to logistics companies are fully finalized within three working days.

ISO certificates

Applying the mentioned procedures of ISO management in all possible directions plays a special role in the development of the company. Thus, the implementation of the ISO procedures mentioned below, increasing the number of procedures, adapting and perfecting them, making transitions to new stages of development, ensures that our management system meets the most modern requirements.
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems 
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems 
ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Systems 

Customer satisfaction

A special department of the company investigates customer satisfaction in accordance with the ISO standard we implement, keeps records, draws appropriate conclusions, has a special effect on the team unity, and as a result, clearly explains to our new employees that special importance is attached to the customer satisfaction policy, and ensures that it is maintained on a daily basis.

Brands we represent

Kaeser Compressoren, Parker, Domnick Hunter, Racor, Twin Filter, Velcon, Peco, Baldwin, Kubota, Megger, Hammelmann, CS Instruments, Fremco, Rafinol, Mann Filter, Yuasa, Hifi Filter, Filtrec, Sampiyon Filtre, Vicars, Velteco and dozens of different brands have grown Fleetstock into a Group of Companies.