Dear Entrepreneurs!

The ECOSS (engineering, consulting, optimization, solutions and service) project will minimize your cost management. Do you know how important it is to manage your production costs? Do you want to reduce your annual expenses by 50%? What is the amount of damage caused by the loss of compressed air? How much downtimes of your equipment would cost? To what extent do you suffer from the fact that compressors are not selected according to the technological process? If within an hour the number of start-stops of an electric motor exceeds nominal, the lifespan and the resource of the motor declines causing additional expences. What is the condition of the line filters that provide the quality of compressed air? Are you sure the filters have been replaced? If not, do you know about your future losses? Do you want the conveyor and equipment to work flawlessly and cost-effectively? If the air flow rate in the pipes is higher than the norm or if the diameter of the pipes is not chosen correctly, what percentage increase do you consider in your costs? And there are dozens of other important questions. Our experience shows that there are significant additional costs in any production enterprise that is not subject to technical audit. Sometimes these costs are twice the norm. This seriously and unreasonably increases the cost of the product or result and of course, you may lose in the competition. 10 minutes are enough for us to prove our claims.

We investigate the problems in 4 directions. 

1.         Detection of compressed air losses (in main pipes, auxiliary and auxiliary branch pipes, inlets and outlets of devices, inlets and outlets of filters, inputs and outputs of generators of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, etc., in valve connections, inputs of conveyors and process pipes, pneumatic in moving pipes, pneumatic cabinets and pneumatic accessories, etc. in dozens of different equipment, in hundreds of different joints and parts).

2.         Compressors, dryers, etc. determination and calculation of statistics recorded in electric motor devices and equipment installed on overhead lines (Rated current Ampere, Voltage, Effective Power KW / KW, Active Energy KW / h, Actual or maximum power KVA, Reactive Energy KV, COS Phi, maximum determination of economic range).

3.         All coarse, fine, mineral, desiccant, sterile, separator, etc. on the line.  Determination and analysis of filters, pneumatic system conditions and air quality statistics on conveyors and equipment, calculation of air ducts and energy saving analysis, determination of structural sequence of filtration system in accordance with ISO 8573 and preparation of improvement proposals (compressed air dew point, temperature, humidity) percent, moisture content g / m³, volume m³ / h, speed m / s, pressure, actual total volume m³ passed through the meter during the test, determination of the amount of particles in compressed air 0.1-5 Um, determination of the amount of oil vapor mg / m³ measurements, checking the conformity and actual condition of filters, calculation of pipes in accordance with the norm, determination of pipes suitable for air velocity, additional calculations: no contact (indirect contact of food with compressed air), indirect contact ), 4.            Direct ( food is in complete contact with compressed air).Naturally compressed air in any clean space contains 10 factors of pollution, and especially such air is critical for food production. To clean such compressed air, 6 types of filtration kits are required. Critical Risk Point Analysis and Determination Service according to HACCP Theory ((1) microorganisms Coalescing Filters / Dry Particulate Filter / Sterile Filters, (2) water particles and vapors Dryer, (3) atmospheric particles, dust and etc. Coalescing Filters / Dry Particulate Filter, (4) oil vapor in the air Adsorption Filter, (5) aerosolized water Coalescing Filters, (6) condensed liquid water Oil Separator, (7) liquid oil Water Separator, (8) oil aerosols Coalescing Filters, (9) Rust from air tanks and pipes Coalescing Filters / Dry Particulate Filter , (10) Coalescing Filters for limescale or mold particles (pipescale), including plastic pipes.

P.S. Our services are planned in turn and consist of free and paid parts, with the exception of various price campaigns from time to time. In conclusion, we would like to say that the technical inspection of the production site will result in incredible savings. Being too frugal may increase your expenses. Evaluate our company offers in a timely manner. Fleetstock is ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems certified in all areas and all work is carried out in accordance with ISO standards.