Start Stop Vehicle – Battery Replacement WARNING


Start Stop Vehicle – Battery Replacement WARNING


Start Stop Vehicle – Battery Replacement WARNING

With growing EU legal requirements on vehicle manufacturers to reduce CO2 exhaust emissions, an increasing number of vehicles are being fitted with Start-Stop, Alternator Energy Management and Brake Energy Recuperation technology. In order to support these technologies and emissions savings, vehicle designers require new battery technologies in the electrical system for:

i) Extended operation in lower states of charge

ii) Acceptance of current from brake regeneration

iii) Greater cycle life to support the vehicles electrical system when the vehicle is stopped and the alternator is not charging

AGM technology (YBX9000 series) for vehicles with the most severe requirements for reducing emissions

EFB technology (YBX7000 series) for vehicles with intermediate requirements for reducing emissions

For the aftermarket replacement of the original equipment battery, IT IS ESSENTIAL to replace batteries with like-for-like technology, i.e. if vehicle is fitted with an original equipment AGM or EFB technology battery, it should be replaced with the recommended Yuasa AGM or EFB battery of equivalent size.


If a vehicle was registered after 2008, and the battery has clearly been replaced in the past, it is essential that the Yuasa vehicle fitment guide is checked to determine if an AGM/EFB battery was originally fitted. It is important to explain to customers that fitting a battery of incorrect technology to a vehicle will cause issues.

If a standard flooded battery is fitted to a Start-Stop vehicle, it will most definitely fail very early. Depending on driving patterns, failure could be within 2-4 months of installation. This type of battery failure will lead to loss of vehicle functions (including Start-Stop). It will also mean inconvenience for the customer and dissatisfaction with the replacement battery.